The Time Line of Hotel Marques de Prado Ameno in Old Havana

  • 1712 – Year in which perseverance of the existence of the property exists.
  • 1725 – First restoration of the large house.
  • 1810 – One has perseverance that the large house belonged to the Cárdenas' lineage.
  • 1864 – It is inherited by Mrs. María Teresa de Cárdenas y Chacón, daughter of the IV Marques de Prado Ameno, Don Miguel of Cárdenas and Herrera.
  • 1898 – Deceased Mrs. María Teresa de Cárdenas y Chacón, leave as heirs to their husband and children.
  • 1904 – The Large house is sold by its owners.
  • 1910 – It is mortgaged in favor of the denominated Society "Amour and Company." They began, also, the first transformations of the beginnings of the last century.
  • 1916 – Bought the Marques de Prado Ameno old house:  Don Ernesto Sarrá and Hernández who carried out equally in her some remodeling works, transforming it at vicinity home, with rent rooms.
  • 1996 – It begins to be intervened by the Historian Office of the Havana City for their restoration.
  • 2000 – The process of restoration of the old housing of the marquises begins.
  • 2008 (May, 15) – Hotel Marques de Prado Ameno is inaugurated by Eusebio Leal in honor to their old residents.

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